Vision Statement

To be the safest, most progressive Technology Provider,  relentless in the pursuit of Client and Quality excellence.


Mission Statement

To capitalize on the efficiency of  Information Technology Industry to serve Clients. We strive constantly to make Exser a winning competitor both today and in the future. We embrace bold strategies that will lead to our success in the marketplace. We aggressively leverage our unique set of assets to provide exceptional value for our shareholders.


Fact Sheet

  • Founded in 2012 as a technology partner.
  • Having around fifty man -years of experience of   promoters.




  • Hold total financial stability and growing solely   based on internally generated funds.
  • Individual Spotless delivery record of many   successful project deliveries over the years.
  • Technology partners with more than 25 software   product companies globally and partner   with over 10 software development   houses   across the globe.
  • A dedicated team of brilliant software   professionals.