Application Development: Exser’s team has successfully completed and delivered many innovative application development projects globally by adopting flexible and scalable architectures that ensure 24x7 Business availability and reduced development cycle times.


Application Management: Exser’s Application Management service provides its clients high value and quality support and maintenance services by operating on a continually improving service  model based on advanced processes.


Legacy Migration: Exser’s migration team understands how critical it is to adopt new technology and keep current applications in place. Legacy Migration is an opportunity to align business processes more closely with new IT capabilities.


Offshore Software Product Development:Exser has helped many established and startup software product companies get their products to the market  faster in cost effective manner. We have provided a lot of cost effective value addition to the overall product management process, right from the conceptualization to development to beta testing to launch to post launch support and maintenance.


User Interface Enhancement: The technology is moving fast and there are several options and interfaces available through which the users can interact with the current applications. Improving or Enhancing the Interface entails moving the core application as is, and building wrapper systems around it. This is useful when one is interested in Considering some technology up gradation, while not disturbing the basic environmental framework.


Implementation and Support: Exser has a capability and strength of implementing various ERP’s including but not limited to Infor, Oracle Apps, Great Plane and SAP.  Exser team has proven credentials in implementing and delivering large size projects  ( up to 500 Users) on time. The Support excellence centre in India is state of art providing 24/7 support to our clients across the globe.


Why Us

  • Global presence.
    •   Quick turnaround time. 
  • Skilled IT professionals.
    •  Satisfied clients globally.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure.
    • Consistent growth & performance.
  • Proven offshore outsourcing model.
    •   Proximity to skilled  manpower source.
  • Multi-cultural & Multi-location   understanding
    •  Establishment work execution & delivery process.
  • Exploit the time zone advantage and reap the benefits of 24-hour   development  cycle.
  • Utilization of India’s abundant Multi lingual speaking IT talent at economical   rates.
  • Drastically reduce operating costs. Gain access to world-class software   engineering skills.
  • Share the risks involved in development. Seek resources not available in-  house.
  • Finish projects which otherwise cannot be finished in-house projects.
  • Free up non-capital resources for other in-house projects. Gain a fresh and   new perspective   on a stalled project.
  • Localize existing software for  use in other countries & markets. High quality   and cost-  effective solution.